Has your insurance company offered to settle your total loss claim for an amount for less than you think your car is worth?

The process to dispute the settlement amount is overwhelming and understanding the policy terms requires experience.

​​What happened to the nice agent or broker that sold you the policy?

Now that you have a claim, they don’t handle that, it’s handled by another department by folks in which the agent or broker doesn’t even know.

CFL Auto Appraise has experience with Total Loss Claims and the procedures outlined within your policy. We can help you address the claims process and dealing with the Prior to Loss value of your car.

Your insurance company’s primary focus is not making sure you are getting a fair settlement, it’s a business and they make money by paying you as little as they can justify. In most cases, we can justify a much higher settlement for you within the terms of your policy.

Don't let the Insurance companies scare you!

Prior to Loss

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